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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Goals Abound

I'm a firm believer that if you are taking something seriously, you have to set goals.

Don't get me wrong, poker is my passion. I think about it more than anything else at this point in my life. I could play all day every day and never be bored with it. That being said, I have decided to set monthly profit goals for my play. I have based my goal on the amount of time I have to play while working full-time, the limits where I am comfortable playing, and taking variance into account.

Drumroll....I figure that $2000/month is my starting point. If I make more, I will adjust my goal accordingly. I play every day even if its just for an hour or two. My goal is less than $70/day on average. I think about $70 and remember how many days I have won this much and been disappointed with the result. Sometimes I get into a pattern where if I don't win $300, $400, or $500 then I consider it a bad day.

I wasn't thinking big picture. You have to think big picture. I must have read this over and over again in Super System and never really digested it completely.

I am still going to play in the Sub-qualifiers at Party Poker to get into single table qualifiers for the bigger tourneys. I would like to play in 2-3 big tourneys/month because I love the rush of playing for the big $$. But my focus will remain on grinding out my small daily wins to meet my goal.

Poker is now my 2nd job - no longer a hobby. It has to be that way so I can push myself to the next level.



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Sunday, November 07, 2004

My Life Turned Upside Down

This past Thursday my girlfriend of 14 months and I decided to call it quits. It is a very difficult time because we moved in together 3 months ago and she is literally packing her things as I type this entry. We are on speaking terms because we both decided it was the best thing to do going forward, but it still feels very wierd. I have decided to stay in this apartment because I can afford to do so on my own and she would not be able to on her salary. I am helping her out by giving her some $$ to get into a new place because I still care for her and I want to see her have a good life. Is that strange? I don't know - it's fucked up all around.

I haven't played much poker since Thursday but I did manage to win a $200+15 entry into today's 250K Sun Tourney on PartyPoker. I won a $24+2 single table satelite to get the entry. The tourney starts at 0630p est so if its 1100p and I'm still in it, drop by and say hey.

Needless to say, without a girlfriend, there is a chance I will be playing an obscene amount of poker in the next coming weeks. More posts to come.



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