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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Busy Week

Has poker on TV reached its peak? Its hard to go a day without having some poker to watch on TV and I thought it was the greatest thing in the world. But aside from ESPN's coverage of the 2004 WSOP Main Event, the recent shows have been very disappointing.

Take last night for example. The WPT had their first "Bad Boys of Poker" episode and it was the worst WPT event I have ever seen. I like the idea of giving someone a chance to play 5 pros by way of a contest entry tourney. But I seriously believe the WPT told the pros beforehand to act "bad" and basically put on a show rather than play serious poker. I believe the pros were playing so much looser than they normally do because there was no $$ on the line. I mean Gus calling Antonio's all-in with 108s? When they are the 2 chip leaders? Whatever, only on this show with no $$ involved. It was a waste of time to watch.

The flip side of that coin is Tuesday night's episodes of the WSOP Main Event were very entertaining. I would love to play with Marcel Luske. He is scary good. He post-flop play and reads on people are top notch. Mattias Anderson needs to calm down - that's all I'm going to say about him. Josh Arieh shocked me with both his play and his attitude. I totally had painted a different picture in my mind about how he handles himself going into Tuesday night. Then he berates a very good English player (Harry Demetriou) for going all in with the best hand?! To add insult, Josh sucks out, wins the hand, and capps on Harry like a 16 yr old punk trying to pick a fight. Ridiculous...

Check out The Hendon Mob's Poker Database.
The best source I've seen for player profiles, tournament results - everything. It's freakin huge. I have it linked under my recommended section to the right.

Last night I was playing on Party Poker
(Signup Code Blu) and joined a $7 + 1 sub-qualifier for the Million dollar guaranteed tourney coming up on September 18th. These little one table SNG's are a great deal because 1st place gets a $64+6 entry into a single table qualifier for the main event ($600+40) and 2nd gets a $32+3 entry into a single table SNG qualifier for the Party Poker IV cruise. I got heads up with a guy by level 4 (50/100). The action was crazy from the get go. I just played solid and hit a few big hands and 30 minutes later I'm playing heads up. I had the lead T5800 to T2200 but lost a big hand when he doubled up w/QQ against my AK. I went card dead from there and finished second. I'll take the $32+3 entry any day.

That's all I have - I'm out...


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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Gotta Love Bank Holidays

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I went to see the folks in Indy so I had very little time to play any poker. I played in one $10 Single SNG and won it last night. I had the always fun one-handed showdown. We were close to even in chips - I had T3900 and he had T3600. Blinds were 200/400 and I was the BB. I get Ah 9h and he raises to 1100 - I pop it again to 1700 and he calls. Flop is J99 rainbow - I check, he checks. Turn is a harmless 6 - I bet 1000 he goes all-in, I call - he shows A6 for two pair and I take him down with my trips.

I did have my Fantasy Football draft last night so I'll post my team for all to flame. 14 rounds - 12 teams - We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K , and 1 D - From a random selection, I get 2nd position out of the twelve:

1st round - 2nd pick - LaDainian Tomlinson RB - no brainer here, Priest went first, LT for me.

2nd round - 23rd pick - Tony Gonzalez TE - before the flames, let me explain. An eye popping 8 QB's were taken in the first 21 picks. One guy who drafted Daute Culpepper with the 4th pick turns right around and drafts Chad Pennington with the 21st pick! I'm like WTF! That was my QB u bastard! Who takes 2 QB's in round 1 & 2!? So knowing TE is important in this league, I take the best one by far.

3rd round - 26th pick - Marshall Faulk RB - I know there are dangers here, but I felt he was a steal this low and if he has a good year, my RB duo will be tough to beat.

4th round - 47th pick - Darrell Jackson WR - By this pick, all the other teams has a QB except me, so I figured I could wait - I took the best WR on the board.

5th round - 50th pick - Andre Johnson WR - Good value here and I personally think he is set to have a breakout year.

6th round - 71st pick - Panthers D - I was pissed when I got to this pick because I wanted to take my QB and inexplicably, 5 teams had taken 2 QB's by this pick! Then someone took the Raven's D, 4 picks ahead of this one, and I wanted either the Ravens or Panthers for my defense so I took the one that was left.

7th round - 74th pick - Eric Moulds WR - Steal of the draft in my opinion plus it gives me great flexibility with my WR's but I still don't have a QB :(

8th round - 95th pick - Jason Elam K - The run on kickers started about 4 picks prior so I got one of my favorites.

9th round - 98th pick - Jake Delhomme QB - Let the flaming begin...

10th round - 119th pick - Warrick Dunn RB - Another steal in my opinion - to be able to get a third starting RB so late will help me greatly for my RB bye weeks.

11th round - 122nd pick - David Carr QB - It was him or Joey Harrington and I hate Joey Harrington.

12th round - 143rd pick - Seahawks D - backup D for week 3 bye - Sea plays SF at home.

13th round - 146th pick - Jason Witten TE - backup TE

14th round - 167th pick - Najeh Davenport RB - I thought about taking Carson Palmer or Eli Manning here but with Ahman Green hurt, this could be a great pick.

That's my draft - I really have to pray for my QB, other than that, I am very happy. Any suggestions from the peanut gallery?

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