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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Money is Now Reality

I received the money today in my bank account from Party Poker that I took out to cover bills and the holidays. It's nice to see $4500 hit your checking balance with no issues. I have never had a problem making a withdrawal before from PP, but it has never been more than $300, so there was a small nagging voice in the back of my head saying over and over "They're never going to send that money to u - its all a giant tease." It was nice to kill that voice forever.

The last three nights I have played 3/6 Limit. My first 600 hands at this level I've netted a whopping $23 but I'm pleased with my play. Several times I have been down $50-60 at a table and have worked it back up to even. I'll probably play at this level for a week or so to get a solid hand count to analyze.

I made my 1% today so Double A's can be proud of me. I placed 2nd in a $50 NL SNG for a nice profit of $100. I lost AKs to A8o heads up which would have given me the chip lead. Oh well...time for bed


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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Short and Sweet

Quick "at work" post:

I downloaded pokertracker and it definitely lives up to everything I have read. I started playing 3/6 at Party Poker the last two nights though only for 1.5 hours each time. I felt comfortable playing at the higher limit and I will definitely be moving up to at least 5/10 very soon. Due to two massive bad beats, I ended up a whopping $5 - lol - better than losing I suppose. I had AKo in MP and raised preflop - 4 callers - board comes J 10 7 no flush draw. I call one bet - turn is Q making my Broadway straight and I cap raising on the turn with one other fellow. River is another 7 and I now I'm worried about a boat so I just call the river and lose a $115 pot to the guy's quad 7's - ouch. I was proud of how I handled the now larger losses and fought my way back to even.

I started adding as many blogger's as I can find to my buddie list to see when you guys are on. If you don't have your handle on your website, please shoot me an email if ya don't mind me sweating ya once in a while. I play under BluMK on Party.

More posts to come once I'm home...


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Sunday, October 10, 2004

200K Saturday Night on Party

I apologize in advance to all my two readers (j/k) for my lack of posts lately. Work has taken up alot of my time but I finally got to play some poker this weekend and here is my story:

Friday night on Party Poker, I played in a $6+1 sub-qualifier for the $200K Saturday night guaranteed tourney. I got second after losing A7o to Q9o all-in heads-up but still got my single table $24+2 qualifier entry. Saturday morning I played the qualifier and won the table and my $200+15 entry to the big tourney.

1227 peeps - T1000 to start - 120 get paid:

Hour one I didn't get anything and as I folded and folded, I went into hour two with a below average stack of T780. Lvl 4(25/50) I get 65 spades one off the button. I call small raise of 150 with two other people to see the flop. Flop comes 5 6 9 (2 hearts). I go all-in, both call with heart flush draws, a 6 on the turn and I'm up to T2540.

Lvl 6 (75/150) - I'm down to T1750 and get AhAc in 3rd position. I min raise to T300 - 4th position goes all-in for T717, SB just calls T717 so when it gets back to me I go all-in. The SB calls me - 4th position had 77, SB has AsQh - board comes 8h 3d Jh 5h 10h and I win with the flush. Up to T4400!

Lvl 6 (75/150) - I get KK one off the button. Guy in front of me min raises to T300. I re-raise to T600 - the rest all fold and he calls. Flop 7 A K - he min bets T150 - I re-raise to T1000 hoping he has a big A but he folds. I'm at T5800.

I start the third hour at T5100 which is above the average.

Lvl 7 (100/200) I get black KK two off the button - 5 limpers to me, I raise to T1000 and they all fold.

Lvl 7 (100/200) I fold AKo after 2 people go all-in in front of me and then one more joins them behind me. They have AKo, 88, and KQo respectively and the board comes 6 Q 4 Q 6 and the AKo is knocked out.

Lvl 7 (100/200) I get QQ (hello ladies) in the BB but everyone folds and I only get the SB. lol

Lvl 7 (100/200) I get AsAh in 5th position and min raise to T400 - LP re-raises to T1200 - comes back to me and I go all-in and he calls with KdKs. Board comes 7c Ac Qc Js Qd and I am now up to T12300!

Lvl 7 (100/200) I get red JJ UTG and raise to T600 - 3rd position goes all-in for T2100 total - folds back to me and I call - She has AKo and the board comes
7 5 6 3 Q and I am now up to T14700 well above the average.

I start the 4th hour with T15100. This was the hour leading up to the money so while I didn't get many hands, I stole blinds when I could and got through the always agonizing hand-for-hand period.

I start the 5th hour with T17600 still above average but not by alot. We are in the money now so its going faster. I'm getting blinded down and not getting any good starting hands.

Lvl 13 (750/1500) I have to go all-in with my last T7300 with 88 and get called by 77 - My snowmen hold up and I'm back up to T17000.

Lvl 15 (1500/3000) I'm in the BB with AQo and T14000 left. Second position min raises to T6000 - I go all-in and she calls with AA. Crap! Need some help here and I get the miracle board of J 9 10 7 8 to hit the Q high straight and now I'm at a respectable T30000!!

Lvl 15 (1500/3000) I'm down to T20000 after losing T9000 raising preflop in EP with A10o and the large stack SB goes all-in and I decide to fold. I get A9o in the solo BB because the SB was knocked out on the previous hand. All fold to the button who goes all-in with a similar stack to mine. I put him on a steal and call. He has A5o and I flop 2 pair to go up to T38600.

Hour 6 - I start with the T38600 from the previous hand which is above the average. I didn't write down how many peeps were left at this point but we are somewhere in the top 30.

Lvl 16 (2000/4000) I have A8o on the button and a small stack goes all-in and I call. He has 66 and the board comes J 7 J 8 4 and I am now up to T46300.

Lvl 17 (3000/6000) We are down to 2 tables now and I get moved to the other after someone gets knocked out. My first hand is AA two off the button. Second position min raises to T12000 - I go all-in and he calls w/ AKo. My bullets hold up and now I'm up to T128000 and looking to the final table.

I finally get to the final table with T96600 which is good for 3rd in chips. I fold AQo in MP to a big preflop raise from a guy in EP. I run a little cold at this point but make the necessary blind steals as people start to drop. Hour six ends and there are only 5 of us left...

Hour 7 begins and the I am the short stack at the table with T84600. Blinds are 5000/10000 and the other stacks are T447300, T421700, T147800, and T125700 respectively. I blind steal for a couple of orbits until I get into the following hand:

Lvl 19 (5000/10000) I have T111000 and get KK UTG. I min raise to T20000 and the button re-raises to T40000. I didn't like this re-raise but the very next hand we were going to blinds of 7500/15000 where I would be the BB. I decide to push all-in and the lucky bizatch has AA. Unreal - five-handed and I get KK vs AA - well I get no help and I'm out in 5th place.

My biggest payday in poker came out to $12,270! I'm happy with how I played and now I have an actual bankroll for the first time in my life. It's time to buy pokertracker and really watch how I play.

Please add any comments - good or bad - on how I played any of the above hands. I welcome all critiquing. I can now deposit some in my Pokerstars account and see everyone on October 21st! I am so tired yet very happy today - its just crazy. I will remember last night for the rest of my life.

Thanks for reading...


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