Once in a Blu Moon

Monday, September 20, 2004

Back to the Drawing Board

It will be such a great day when I can finally make a run in a big tourney. I had won a $6+1 sub-qualifier on Party Poker which got me a $24+2 single table qualifier entry for the $250k Sunday guaranteed tourney. I won the single table qualifier Sunday morning, so I was all set for the $200 +15 0430p est tourney. Starting with T1000 there were 1345 peeps with a first prize of $53,800. Hour one I was completely card dead and finished with T840. Hour two I started to make a run, and was up to T1900 when I get 88 two spots off the button. Blinds were 50/100, just about to change to 100/200, and the average in chips was T2400. I raise to T400 after it was folded to me, and the small blind re-raises to T900, BB folds and its back to me. I don't consider calling here. Small blind has me covered by T1000 so its push or fold. I decide I need to make a move and push my last T1500 and he ends up having AA and I'm done just like that. I don't feel I played it wrong - I believe you just can't run into any of those situations if you are going to make it deep into a big tourney. I won another sub-qualifier for Friday's $200+15 tourney, so I hope to win that single table qualifier tonight to get another shot at a nice payday.

Saturday I saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. I give it a 4/10 overall. I found it very boring and Angelina Jolie was only in two scenes in the whole movie. Gwyneth Paltrow was emotionless to the point of being annoying. I trust Rotten Tomatoes Movie Reviews completely and 72% of all the nationwide reviews were positive but I just didn't feel satisfied when it was all said and done.

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