Once in a Blu Moon

Friday, July 15, 2005

All the best laid plans...

Things are better on the home front - this counseling thing actually works. My wife and I have learned how to express our concerns much better to each other. We still have a good argument or two though :D

I just received the greatest news yesterday. Little Blu is on the way to match poker wits with all the other child prodigies (Bad Blood). I'm definitely pumped - next Feb 17th is the tentative date. It will be here before I know it. Also we are closing on a beautiful condo at the end of the month so everything seems to be in order.

I've only been playing minor games on Stars lately due to lack of time. U can usually find me on the 1/2 Limit tables or more likely in a $10+1 or $20+2 MTT at night. Been following the great coverage of the Main Event through the eyes of Pauly and the guys over at LasVegasVegas. Excellent work gentlemen!

Pokerstars' WCOOP will be here in September and I am looking to qualify for as many events as possible. Qualifying tourneys start Sunday 07/17/05. The main event this year is a $2500+100 $2.5 million guaranteed NLH tourney. Nice...

Don't forget about The Charlie Tournament on Sunday 07/17/05 18:00 est!



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