Once in a Blu Moon

Thursday, June 02, 2005


What's worse:

Working all day today and tomorrow knowing 70 bloggers are going to be in Vegas having the time of the year?

Knowing your boss is leaving today to go to Vegas but doesn't play poker and has Friday night tickets to see Celine Dion with his wife?

Having to constantly withdrawal pieces of your online bankroll to pay for everyday bills because you can't stop eating fast food and save money like a "normal" person?

Or, that I know how to spell Celine Dion?

I'm in a bad mood....pffft!

Played in 3 small MTT's last night on Stars. Started with a $5+0.50+rebuys for the first hour then an add-on. Was as wild as I figured it would be. 709 peeps 63 paid - out in 173 or so when I pushed with 88 on the button and the SB woke up with 1010 - I had half the average stack so it was a no brainer for me. The others are depressing so I will not describe them here.

I want to wish everyone a jail-free trip and get some lapdances for me damnit!



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