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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Halloween and the 'Rents

I apologize in advance for my lack of posting of late. My boss has been up my ass and my daily "block of work time set aside so I can post" has been non-existent.

This past weekend I went to Indy to visit my folks for my Dad's birthday. Along with my girlfriend, my younger brother also made the trip. Saturday night we all went out for a nice dinner and afterward, my parents felt like they could manage to stay up past nine o'clock, so we decided to hit a few local establishments. My parents had called during the week to find any local places that had an average crowd on the 30+ age level. So our first stop was a place called The VU, pronounced "view". It was definitely an older crowd and more than half were dressed in costume.

The lineup of drinks were as follows: Dad = the same drink for the past 30+ years SoCo Manhattan on the rocks no twist, Mom = drinking a variety of martinis, Brother = basic bottle of Mic Light, Girlfriend (Alicia) = the Vu actually had a fruity drink called The Alicia so a no brainer here, Me = bottle of Newcastle.

The establishment had to have been a Johnny Rockets or like restaurant at some point in time. There were thick silver circle stool seats surrounding the bar (probably the old counter area) and also surrounding the DJ booth (which I found odd). Then there were booths lining the outer walls and we grabbed the circle "Swingers" booth in the corner. Everything was silver with a glitter pattern over a hard plastic surface. There was a bigger guy dressed like Aladdin trying to dance with all the older women on the floor which was very amusing. The DJ hadn't made it out of the 80's so that was the music list of choice. There was a guy playing pool who's costume must have been "1991 man". He had a small kept mullett and was wearing a light denim shirt with light denim jeans and finished it off with 3/4 high white sneaks. Very nice! Oh wait...it wasn't a costume? My bad...

After a few rounds we went to a place called Voltage. It was a nice restaurant by day and club by night. Again here I would say 75% of the peeps were in costume. They were giving away $300 to the best one in the place. Some sights:

There was an extremely drunk woman dressed as a "hurricane victim" complete with fake saggy tits ala that teacher on South Park. She was constantly straddling and grinding on a fake blow up palm tree until she fell straight into the speakers of the DJ onstage. Like a train wreck, I couldn't stop looking at her until she crashed and burned.

There were 2 ninjas out on the dance floor grinding and kissing on each other obviously feeling a little buzz. They both had full hoods on and partial masks for half the night. Then the hoods came off to reveal both were attractive women. Sweet...

Our waitress was smoking hot and dressed in a very revealing maid outfit. She asked for my order and I asked her where she was from because she had some kind of accent. Turns out she is from Spain and I am just in love right in front of my girlfriend. Hmmm, could be a problem. Maybe I could offer the ninjas as an example for a possible maid-girlfriend get together... Didn't happen but nice to think about.

The $300 went to a little person dressed like a penguin. Signup code IGGY not related...

My parents and girlfriend got smashed and were all out dancing on the floor while my little bro and I watched Dawn of the Dead on the plasma TV hanging on the wall.

Somehow we made it home in one piece since my Dad was driving. My Mom asks him if he can see the road alright and he replies "not too well but we'll get there." Taxi!

Now back to your regularly scheduled poker channel:

My updated 3/6 sample:

35/44 winning sessions (79.5%)

2768 hands

40.8 hrs game time

$1,143.97 won

5.09 BB/HR

7.5 BB/100 Hands

Still at a nice $30.54/hr clip but it would have been more except for 3 larger than average losing sessions. Such is variance.

I played with two bloggers at the same 3/6 table the other night. SirFWALGMan and Wired Aces. SirF was flushing everyone in sight and made a killing while Wired Aces and myself just grinded away to modest wins.

However - Today - Wired Aces was a bum and stayed home from work only to find himself a Bad Beat Jackpot Winner on Party Poker. 14K RICHER!!! Congrats man - I know it feels good.

Everybody get over there and give props.

That's all I got - L8r...


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