Once in a Blu Moon

Friday, May 27, 2005


Pokerstars has a 20% reload bonus up to $120 good through 06/02/05. No password needed - automatically added with first deposit from now until 1159p est 06/02/05. Stars is doing it for more peeps to try for the big one qualifiers.

I like Pokerstars' bonus because you can earn points through ring games and tourneys. More l8r...


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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Monday Night Home Game

Last night I got home from work and was all ready to go to the gym when my new bride (more to come) calls me and says one of the guys she works with was having a small home game tonight and that he was going to call me on my cell to invite me to play.

Now I was planning on playing the $10+1 rebuy PL Omaha MTT on Pokerstars @0830p but she demanded I go and play "live" so I can make some guy friends. I don't know what it is with my new bride, but I can never convince her that I have friends online that I play with - she thinks I need to hang with tangible folks here locally - otherwise I'm just being a hermit. But then I thought "hey my wife is telling me to go out on a Monday night to play poker, I better not dick around." So I get the call and I'm off.

The game was small - only 6 peeps putting up $10 - winner gets $50, second gets their money back. We all started with T700 and the blinds started at 5/10. In appreciation of Dr. Pauly, the table of characters included:

Seat 1: Chris The host of the game. Very quiet - did not play many hands and was known for betting T5 no matter what the size of the blinds and the table agreed to let him do it since it was his place.

Seat 2: Yours truly Blu

Seat 3: Matt Again quiet as a mouse. Makes big moves with questionable hands - otherwise folds alot.

Seat 4: Big Guy Never got his name because he was out so fast - he left immediately to go home "to get some" - his words.

Seat 5: Patrick The most conservative player ever. Only plays premium hands.

Seat 6: Scott The crazy guy - loves raising HUGE amounts with nothing and then showing you the bluff after you fold.

So we got started and I folded alot of crap. Lost my first decent hand to Scott when I just called flop and river bets with my JJ on a board of 9 6 9 K 6 only to see him show me 63s for the boat. I log that hand into my memory and expect more of that from him in the future. Down to T500 -

Blinds go up to 10/20 after the big guy gets knocked out losing KK to Scott's AA. I get K10s in MP - I raise and see a flop that comes 10 10 4 - The turn is a J and I check-raise Chris - he calls and also calls my river bet with 44. Stack now up to T1100. Matt loses most of his chips on a pure bluff to Scott who again was holding AA and he is out 5th soon after. Blinds go to 20/40 and I am just playing good cards and good flops. No one really plays with me after the trip 10 hand so I collect alot of blinds and limp-in's.

Patrick is out 4th when he goes all-in with short stack holding 1010 and my AJo catches an A on the flop. He just didn't play enough hands and got blinded down. I'm sitting good at T1600. Chris the host loses most of his stack on a bad call and I take him out in 3rd when my A8s beats his A5s. Heads up between me and the crazy man Scott. I have T2300 to his T1900. Blinds are now 50/100.

It never amazes me, online or live, how aggressive "crazy" peeps turn conservative when playing heads up. Every time I raised, Scott would fold, so I knew I would have to play some weird hands against him and hope to catch a flop or we would be there all night. I'm in the BB when Scott raises it up to T300 - I look down to see the 32 of hearts. I call and see a flop of Ah 8s 4h - Scott bets T300 and I smooth call. Turn is 6h - Scott bets T300 again and I raise to T900 - he goes all-in and I call. I have him by a couple hundred chips. He has Ac9h so he could still get a bigger flush, but the river is a harmless 4d and I take it down. $50 is better than nothing, and I did get to meet some new peeps who like to play poker. Not a bad night after all - I drive home and thank my wife for hookup...l8r


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Couldn't Stay Away

This little blog of mine will be seeing a transformation of sorts over the next few weeks. I'll be adding the blogs that I am reading and I have decided to go shill free for your viewing excitement. Many updates to get to including the following:

Uh, I got married - to someone I knew for six weeks - in Vegas...

What games I'm playing and where -

What I need to do to get back into the blogging world's good graces.

More to come...


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