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Friday, November 19, 2004

Longest Week EVER

TGIF my ass

Should I be worried that I need my poker fix at 1000a? Not to whine all day but tomorrow is finally the day my girlfriend is moving out of my place. It has been a long and awkward week since she has been packing each night when I get home form work. She has changed her mood from sad/upset to pissed off/upset and I can barely manage to speak to her without it blowing up into a major argument.

My poker grinding lifestyle has been on the positive side. I have made over $100 each night for the past eight consecutive days. I have been playing mainly 3/6 Limit but I'll drop down to 2/4 for the jackpot tables when the $$ gets big enough. People start playing crazy with dreams of big bucks in their head and I like to be there to collect the donations.

I'm getting better dealing with having multiple bad beats in a short period of time. I analyze how I played each hand, and as long as I don't find any mistakes on my side, then I laugh and move on. People hitting their gutshot straight after I check-raise them on the flop always get me, but it happens.

I've never added fish to my buddy list before, but I have started to do to this very thing over the last couple days. I recommend to all the bloggers and readers out there - tag the people that just give away their $$. It is a great place to start when trying to decide what table to begin your night. Just bring up the buddy list and go to where your designated fish are playing.

Not much else going on - I'm dying that I can't be in Vegas next month. How dare my job not give me extra vacation to grieve my recent breakup. Oh well, next year for certain.

May you all have a weekend of monster flops...



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