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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

WCOOP - Event #10

I am currently waiting to start the WCOOP Event #10 which is a $215 buy-in Razz MTT with $100,000 guarantee prize pool. Officially there 1288 runners making the prize pool a nice $257,600 with 192 peeps getting paid. We start with T3000 in chips and the levels are 30 mins each so I can take my time and pick my spots. I will be tracking my progress and you can follow after the break. Here we go...

Level 1 (20/50/5) - nothing to report won a few small pots and ended at T3050. Only one pot the whole level was significant. Everyone playing pretty tight.

Level 2 (50/100/5) - Won my first decent hand with 6543A - guy called me down all the way with 7652A. Up to T3795. Lost about T300 starting with 5 3 A and capping preflop with 2 others but I got nh on 4th or 5th and let it go. Nothing more exciting and lived through the first hour ending at T3295.

Level 3 (75/150/10) - Folded for the first 20 mins then won two hands in a row to get to T3800. Then I got into a hand where I had 6 5 3 and it got capped 4 ways. IGNH on 4th or 5th and a guy won by rivering a 7 4 high. Down to T3065. I win one before the end of the level and finish at T3210 which is about avg.

Level 4 (100/200/10) - Hopefully things pick up soon. People are just starting to drop - I'm looking to chip up. I had identified 3 players who were giving theie stacks away and I couldn't catch any cards to get in with them. Two went out in this level but one survived and I finally got a hand with him ending up with 6 4 3 2 A with him calling me down the whole way with 75432. Up to T3960. Nothing more interesting so I finish hour two at T4030. Avg is T3614 and I have currently 390/1069 left.

Level 5 (150/300/15) - The last of the chips givers is out and I get moved for the first time - thankfully - the table was fairly solid at that point. Sitting at T3985. Took my first hit against one short stack and a very aggressive player - bricked out and down to T2820. Getting frustrated - no cards - folding forever - sitting at T2640.

Level 6 (200/400/20) - Still no cards - sitting at T2290. I got called down by someone with 10 high and I bricked 6th and 7th st. Took me down to T390 :( Got allin with a 4 3 A and doubled up. Then got allin 3 way and hit the wheel to get back up to T2500. Still very low but alive. I'm out got rivered from a guy calling me all the way and my 8 7 high loses to his rivered 6 5 high - out 714/1288. Just not enough cards. I like to be in around 25-30% of the hands and I was only able to play 17%. Just was a matter of time. Looking at the $320 Stud Event on Thursday - l8r...



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