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Friday, September 05, 2008

WCOOP - Event #1

I am currently sitting here waiting for the start of WCOOP Event #1 - it is a $215 buy-in NLH 6-handed MTT format with T3000 chips to start and 30 min levels (nice). Officially an amazing 7217 runners making the prize pool a whopping $1,443,400.00! I am planning on blogging my progress as I go so we'll how this unravels.

First level (10/20) was pretty aggressive - I got some decent hands (AA got blinds :), JJ, AKs) and chipped up to T4000. 700 peeps gone in the first level - really amazing.

Second level (15/30) - card dead until 4 mins left in the level. I am on button with AQo and call an ep raise (3x bb) from a player who has been pretty tight. Flop comes 4 A Q - 2 spades. He bets T120 into T215 pot and I raise to T360 and he flat calls. So either he has AK (hopefully) or a flush draw. Turn is a wonderful A making the board 4 A Q A giving me the boat. He checks, I check. River is another 4. So unless he hit quads, I'm good. He bets out T510 and I pop it to T1500 - he calls with A10 spades and I end the level at T5420 with the avg at T3754. 5767 of the 7217 people remaining.

Third Level (25/50) - 7 mins in I get QQ on button and it folds around to me. I pop it 3x to T150 and the very loose BB calls (he was in 61.9% of the hands to that point). Flop comes 6 8 6 - he checks and I bet T240 into T325 pot. He flat calls and we see the turn of a Q making the board 6 8 6 Q - he checks, I check. The river is another 6 so unless he hit quads (sounds familiar) then I am good. I put him on pocket pair and if I'm lucky KK or AA. He bets T300 and I pop it to T900 and he calls with the mighty J8o and I'm up to T6410. Lost a pot missing AKo on the flop and ended the level T5025 still above the avg.

Level 4 (50/100) - Level of near death for me. I check AQo in BB 4 handed - flop comes Q 10 10 2 spades (I have the A spades) - I bet, UTG calls, fold, fold. turn is the 3 of spades - I check, he checks. River is J spades making the board Q 10 10 3 J with 4 spades and I have the flush and I bet T700 into pot of T1200 and he goes allin for T1200 more. I call and he shows 1010 for quads - ironic. Very next hand I get KK and double up to T3100 on a 9 high flop. Maintain till almost the end when I defend my BB with K4o to a min raise from the SB. Flop is K Q 3 rainbow - he checks and I check. Turn is 7 - he checks I bet T300 into T400 pot and he calls. River is a J making the board K Q 3 7 J and he leads out for T400? I just call and he turns over 109o for the straight - I don't know what to say but I type "Jesus" in the chat and he types "sorry" :) Puts me at T1567 with the avg at T6250. 3464 people remaining of the 7217. Wish me luck...

Level 5 (75/150) - Very first hand I get AQo on the button - UTG (very loose player from before) raises 3x BB and I go allin and he calls and has AKo - yay - IGNH and I'm out 3445/7217. Very disappointed but I am looking to play some events next week and I will blog them as they happen - l8r...



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