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Friday, September 12, 2008

Turbo MTT's vs. Traditional MTT's

When I find the time to play online, I prefer to play in MTT's. It's what I have come to enjoy and MTT's seem to be my niche. I still play SNG's some and only rarely in cash games. The problem I run into is that I have little time to play, and MTT's take a big chunk of time if you get far. So the logical move would be to play in a Turbo MTT to solve the issue.

Turbo MTT's go against my style of play. I like to see flops, play position, etc. But if you don't get cards early in a turbo format, you die quickly. The action is moving from hand number one and I find that alot of people are willing to go allin preflop with very marginal hands. If you can change your style to meet the challenge, there is a good chance to amass a good stack early on. I played in a $25+2.50 Turbo MTT on Wed night - 603 runners - and placed 4th for a nice hit. The whole tournament was finished in just under 3 hours. In a regular MTT, if you make the final table, you can expect to play 7-8 hours easy. So while I don't like the format, you will probably see me in more turbo's going forward. Because the more MTT's you log, the more cashes you make. L8r...



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